A VERY SHORT POST…more of a question,really, for women.

I need to know the answer to something.

This thing I need to know the answer to is just one of many thorns in my Womanly side.

It’s right up there with trying to find a pair of jeans that dont make me look like a fat midget….and if you’re a fat midget and you just read that…Sorry  😉

So here goes my question……..

Why the FUCK  is it so hard to find a good, decent looking, comfortable BRA.



~ by shelly1971 on June 29, 2009.

11 Responses to “A VERY SHORT POST…more of a question,really, for women.”

  1. cos the bastards in charge of womens underwear manufacturing are men.

    And they secretly want to torture all women.

    • Yes…thats why I put my mans boxers in the dryer and shrunk them…now his gonads are constricted, so he knows how my poor boobies feel…lol

  2. try having a really obscure size like i do. you can’t buy my size in regular shops (small rack, fat back) i can only find my size in myer in hideous colors and styles and for over $80 a pop or a mother that refuses to acknowledge that you are fat with small boobs thus resulting in useless purchases of size 14b bras.(i haven’t been that size since i WAS 14.)

    • Hard to understand how a couple bits of wire and a scrap of fabric can cost so much. I brought two cheap pairs from k-mart the other day…without trying them on..cos I’m a DICKHEAD. Of course they look like shit so now I have to take them back and go buy one ridiculously expensive pair. 😉

  3. Well maybe if women at the bra factories didn’t keep having babies they’d be able to stick around to design good bras. Do you think it’s easy for a guy to design a bra? Anyway the main things guys think of when designing bras is getting them off some chick in the dark one handed?
    You sheilas can be very ungrateful sometimes.

  4. ahahahha. yeah, universe is male and decided to give me no tits. so sorry, can`t help you there.

  5. Hook and loop adds to the anticipation.

  6. It’s winter, that means I’m wearing so many layers of clothing I don’t need to wear a bra. Well, that’s what it means for me anyway. I’m enjoying the freedom of no bra and the warmth of lots of layers.

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