When  I first noticed my friend doing it I at first thought it a little silly.

I  mean, she’s a grown woman. She is not a kid. She has kids, for fucks sake.

But then I got a little curious. Maybe I needed something to cut through the boredom.

Something different to the neverending “groundhog day”  feeling  that is my life.

Before I knew it, it had me in its grasp. Before I knew it I was an addict.

I started creeping away into the next room to use it, while Bubs was busy watching “Little Einstiens”…or some other crap.

It started  taking me from my family.

Mocking my commitments.

The more I got, the more I needed. It seemed I never had enough coin.

It’s  so expensive, This habit. Thats what it’s become.

A pathetic habit that I’m ashamed to admit to. I spend my waking moments wondering when I will do it again.

Four hours? Two days?..Three?

Then I did the unthinkable. I got a member of my family hooked too, and now she’s in even worse shape than I.

She’s even got her son hooked. Her SON!….There is no hope.

The only thing left to do now is accept it.

The only thing to do is realise the truth and step up to the plate.

I will not be ashamed anymore.

I will admit to my addiction.

        FARMTOWN   on Facebook.

Final confirmation that I REALLY need to get a fucking life.

On a different front, I must say I’m LOVING JMM’s reaction to Bubs singing nice and loudly….


You go Bubs. Mummy says you can ride on whatever the hell you want…  😉



~ by shelly1971 on June 11, 2009.

8 Responses to “SOWING THE SEEDS….”

  1. Thank God I’m not the only one! Like you, I saw people playing on Farm Town and thought it was silly. Then out of boredom I gave it a go… and now I’m close to buying a barn!!

    • I finally brought a barn last week.I really want a pond…they are so pricey! My aunt has everything! lol 🙂 going nuts on the flowers too!

  2. Dangerous things Facebook games – I have friend addicted to one where you run a restaurant. I am currently addicted to the online version of that game Mastermind – where you have to guess the coloured pegs. Of course I kick absolute arse at it, ever since I was the St Albans Heights Primary School Mastermind Champion 1979!

    My daughters have the Lady Ga Ga CD and while playing it in the car I asked them what a Disco Stick was and my 12yo daughter looked at me like I was some kind of fuckwit. WHAT IS IT? I refuse to believe it is slang for phallus!

    • I want to know if any guys have used it as a pickup line yet. How hilarious!…Imagine!…”Hi there, I was wondering if you’d maybe like to take a ride on my disco stick”… 🙂


    I’ll come out of the closet and join you…… I actually signed up my hubby and children so they can all send me stuff and I can work on their farms when I have no money. I got the idea off my g/f who is also hopelessly addicted and had done the same.

    I just have one question………. will you be my neighbour? lmao

    • Thats so funny. I made JMM sign up also so he could send me stuff! lol. And I would be your neighbour! lol…I’ll send you some critters.! lol

  4. Pick up line that really made me laugh:

    “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?”

    You have given me another reason to avoid Facebook.

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