On Friday I had my surgery.

I was booked to go in on Tuesday. I waited in the patient lounge, all ready to go for 6 1/2 hours. Then they cancelled me.

So I went in Friday.

Turns out it wasn’t what they thought it was, instead a Granuloma.

Something to do with a wayward suture from my C section 3 1/2 years ago and my body tried to fight the foriegn object but couldn’t, so it formed a cyst. Which formed scare tissue. Then it all got gross and infected. Delightful.

Apparently I was tachycardic when I was under and they had to intubate me,which they had trouble with, so the nurses tell me.

The left side of my throat is swollen as all fuck and I can barely talk.

I am in more pain than when I had Bubs. Then I realised that I was in hospital for a week after having him, on a pethadine pump. And Oxy codiene[or whatever] but I know I was pain free.

Right now it’s Sunday. And I’m pretty much in agony.

I hurt in places I didn’t think the doctors even went near.

And J’s nicked off to the milkbar to buy stupid smokes.

And JMM’s gone to work. For the second time today.

It’s sunday and I hurt and I’m at home looking after Bubs and when the fuck is someone going to look after me?

Not a half arsed attempt.

Really look after me.

Cos right about now, immediate Family, you really suck.

Oh yeah, and thanks for  not giving me a call Mum, you cow.

You suck most of all.


~ by shelly1971 on May 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “DEAR FAMILY…BITE ME.”

  1. yup, that indeed bites. hope your by now getting the support you need Michelle.

  2. hugs.

    sounds like you need to join our revolution and go all ‘stabbity fuck’ on their sorry arses.

  3. hey chook, tried leaving a message on your facebook on friday but ofcourse bigpond decided to fail. i vote we start a country wide rampage and go all stabbity on all our families. i’ll start with mine here in melbourne and soon join you for yours over there.

    in other news that will make you laugh and want to punch me for making you laugh when it hurts..
    know what i was watching last night ? home movies of you & the gang at easternats 2005. LOL clearly before J discovered the joys of puberty.

    • Dude if I started getting stabbity it would be shear CARNAGE!…Oh those were the days…when I actually had a little FUN!..Pubescent teens SUCK

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