On a night out with the girls you should…

A. Drink responsibly,after all you have a small child to look after in the morning

B. Drink 4 Midori illusions,2 Sky Blue vodkas and 2 homemade Baileys

C. Get pissed and hope your ‘life partener’ decides not to work the next day, so he can look after the kid

D. Get pissed and hope for the best

If you are feeling * delicate* the next morning you should…

A. Not have a 3 year old in the house

B. Not have a 3 year old in the house with access to an LED tourch

C. Lock your bedroom door so your 3 year old can’t wake you in the morning at 7 O’clock by shining a fucking LED tourch in your eye balls while yelling “get up its day time..come in lounge room, come in lounge room” a trillion times

If you are hung over you should…

A. Let your child play outside so you can lie comatose on the couch

B. Let your 3 year old play outside in a huge disgusting mud puddle he’s made in the garden

C. Try to ignore the screams of your 3 year old as the Golden Retriever jumps all over him, in the mud puddle

D. Go outside and totally skitz out because your 3 year olds in the fucking mud again and now you have to bath him for the 4th time today

If you are Hung over and feel as though someone is suctioning your eyeballs from their sockets while your head implodes, you should…

A. Mope around the house and kick yourself for being so fucking stupid and drinking too much

B. Wish your child would have a 4 hour nap

C. Give in to it all, sit on the couch and watch Meet The Robinsons while sharing a box of Gylian Seashells with the child

D. Wish you were still pissed


……………Holy shit…apologise for the multiple spelling errors….I’m fuck up…so there   🙂


~ by shelly1971 on May 16, 2009.


  1. Isn’t the LED torch in the eyes one of the things that Obama just admitted that America did tio terror suspects?
    The little darlings don’t respect the hangover. The beauty of it is they’ll be 18 one day …

  2. I knew the child had a touch of evil in him…

  3. You live for the day when he comes home shitfaced and you can torture his hide in the morning. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. 😉

  4. um……….. all of the above? lmao

  5. Ha ha ha…Peace and quiet…I, like all us mums, barely remember it lol

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