Between the ages of 9 to 15 JMM lived in America.

Walnut, Calafornia, to be precise.

Bastard…How fucking DARE he live somewhere so sunny and full of fun crap to do and HOLLYWOOD and shit without ME..

Oh yeah..thats right. Cos when he was 9 I was Holy shit Im a cradle snatcher  19 and well, thats a little  SICK  isn’t it?.

Nevermind, he’s all grow’d up now y’all   😉

Anyway, the point to me going on and on is he has family over there still. Uncles and Aunties and Cuzzies and  friends and stuff.

Which is wayyyy cool cos it means when we finally go visit the US of A we will ,freeload  with a little luck have people to show us around.

We are HUGE fans of DEXTER, hence the title of my post.

We revere Dexter and admire his No .Getting .Off .policy of  “just kill the scumbag suckers”  cos thats awesome.

JMM has an Uncle in Cal who  is gainfully employed as a set dresser and at present  dresses the sets of……DEXTER…Awesome!!

We are, at this very moment in time, waiting with baited breath for a  package full of  who knows what kind of Dexter crap all the way from AMERICA. From the actual studio giftshop!!! ..maybe..Or even better still…maybe his Uncle’s a klepto and he’s going to send us a heap of shit that he’s pilfered from the set!!!…Or even better better still maybe he’s going to send a GI-FUCKING-NORMOUS package and Michael C Hall’s going to pop out and if that happens..

He’s MINE all MINE and JMM you dont end up with nothin from america so there.

I am, in turn and because I am NICE going to send JMMs  girl cuzzie a heap of costume jewellery that I’ve made for her….and a heap of good ‘ole Aussie junk food.

Some things to send are no- brainers…i-e..Tim-Tams and vegemite [ wish I could see their faces when they try that!].

It’s the  lollys and chockies I’m having a little trouble with..cos well, we all know America has every type of junkfood known to man.

JMMs Mum remembers that they dont have Rowentree over there so thats one brand of stuff I can look for.

And Caramello Koala’s and Berttie Beetles, Violet Crumbles and Cherry Ripes. And maybe Fruit tingles.

I was wondering , if any Americans read my post, could you if you want to, leave a comment if there is something Australian you have heard of and would like to try? Your imput would be HUGELY appreciated   🙂

Shit I hope people read my post or I’m going to look like a HUGE dick and that sucks….please anyone comment on whatever..shit.

On the Crazy Bubs front, yesterday I opened my pantry to find that he’d sprinkled chocolate instant mousse all through it.

Then I noticed the lovely swirley scratched on my ‘fake stainless steel’ fridge.

Not to mention the astounding number of toys he’s dismantled this week.

His answer to all of these occurences was this-

” I cant believe it!..you know whats happening!…These PEOPLE are BREAKING INTO the house at night time!!!…They come into MY ROOM and break all MY TOYS”….

This is the imagination of my 3 year old. He is a nut.  🙂

We made Gingerbread ‘critters’ the other day. Crocodiles and lions and girrafes and stuff  [ Used the Play-doh cutters,awesome]

We decorated them with icing and chocolate buttons and we put them aside for Daddy to see when he got home.

So JMM gets home from work and Bubs is all over him ” look what I made”… looky looky here blah blah blah…so his Dad goes to have a look and

Bubs had BITTEN the HEADS off of every single critter. Everything  HEADLESS.

No more Dexter watching for HIM.


~ by shelly1971 on May 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “I HEART DEXTER…”

  1. well here is a comment for you from Georgia.(only cause i like to read your blog and look at the awesome header picture ha ha)

    i am an old fart and even had to google dexter to see what you were talking about. looks interesting but i usually only watch sitcoms that make me laugh like “two and a half men”

    as far as your package goes i am sure they will like all the things you mentioned and what the heck it’s the thought that counts anyway.

    we like to call Cali the land of fruits and nuts so don’t send any fruit or nuts ha ha.

    good luck and hope your family visits us someday soon.

    • Thankyou Tony I appreciate the imput. Maybe oneday you should sample Dexter…its quite quirky. Im glad you like my blog. Sorry for all the “cussing” lol. 😉

  2. When I was in the States, I introduced my crazy American roomie to the delights of Fruit Tingles. She was hooked.

  3. I was born in Australia and moved to Canada when I was 5 but I remember Flake bars from Cadbury. I don’t think they have them in the States and I know that you can only buy them at certain novelty stores here in Canada (and they’re damn expensive too!). They were my favorite so maybe toss some of those in your care package.

    And BTW I use to eat vegemite like people here eat peanut-butter. I remember trying to get my friends and cousins to eat it. They thought I was nuts cuz I liked it!

    ps. Dexter is awesome!

    • Hi Bree. Thanks for the info. Flakes never crossed my mind. I’ll be sure to put some in. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to see Canada. It looks amazing.

  4. Canada’s amazing just make sure you come in the middle of summer (July or August) but even then you never know. It’s the middle of May and it snowed today.

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