JMM has asked me continuosly to finish this story, because he feels he came off looking like a wanker in ‘Part 1’


I dont have the heart to tell him he’s not going to look any better this time around either.  😉

Meh…such is life.

Firstly, a few things that happened when we first moved in together,that pissed me right off.

1. His ex telling him she was pregnant…didnt  work

2. His ex throwing herself in front of a car…didn’t work either

3. His ex going back to Melbourne,visiting his parents and telling them I was a heroin addict…BINGO…score 1 for BITCH EX.

Of course his parents freaked out a little. They had no idea who I was, and here’s this girl they’ve known for years telling them I have their son hooked on smack…..AWESOME!!! way to make a first impression..not.

His Father was away working in China when we met. I could always tell when JMM had talked on the phone with him because his mood would become somewhat MASSIVELY DEPRESSED.

His Father was, from all accounts, a bit of a tyrant.

All ” I am the BOSS of all I survey and you all are my LOWLEY  fucked up minions and I shall mentally abuse you as I see fit and cast my RATH upon you!”  kind of guy.

And JMM’s balls hadn’t dropped yet.

He still pretty much did what Daddy told him to do…hence already leaving me and comming back once before.

His Father DID NOT like that  defiance at all.

Me, on the other hand, well I ROCK!

MY Dad had a go at me when I told him JMMs age.

Dad was all like…

“Jesus what the bloody hell are you doing! spend 12 years with a loser like Peter and now you with someone TEN YEARS younger than you!”

To which I replied..”Ease up Dad!…You can talk!  [ His wife is 20 years younger than him, and I adore her]…and he said..

“Thats bloody different!”…and I said..
“Why is it different?…because your a man?”

And that was that. End of story, over and done with, was never mentioned again and seriously I now think my Dad loves JMM more than he does me!

But as previously stated, JMM couldnt stand up to his Father, on account of not having any gonads.

So every week he’d get a phone call from either his Mum or Dad.

His Mum nicely saying she wished he’d come home, things were ‘difficult’

His Dad SCREAMING [ I could hear him yelling] ‘Come home your wasting your life what do you think your doing you’ll never get anywhere]..reply  abizilliontrillion times.

Finally His Father rang with ‘THE FINAL CALL’


So JMM gave in..or up, or whatever.

Me, I would have told him to go fuck himself, but then I dont really like most of my family..go figure.

The thing that really, really floored me though, was how severly I was judged.

I had never even spoken to his family. They knew nothing of my previous life. They knew nothing of the shit my son had already been through.

His Father  didn’t care that my son had bonded with JMM. He  didn’t care that for the first time in 8 years my son could sometimes talk without stuttering.

He didn’t care that we were happy, that we were becoming a family. That we all LOVED each other. He  wanted him home for his  own reasons.

He didn’t want to LOSE.

I had been branded a “desperate” single Mother by JMMs Father and Auntie. They said I was only after his money,’ someone to take care of her child.’

The thing is JMM didn’t even have any fucking money.

Did his family not know I worked full time?

Did they not know it was I that paid the rent?

Did they not realise that I supported their son financially more than he did me?

I couldn’t understand how they could do this. I couldn’t even defend myself.

His Father gave him a date to be back in Melbourne by, or else.

So that was that.

A week later, after a hell of alot of tears, he got in his car and left.

I felt like my best friend had left me.

Not some romance, but truly from my gut my bestest friend in the world. And it sucked arse.

About four weeks later he sms-ed me one night, out of the blue,and asked if he could ring me.

So of course I said yes.

After talking for a few days he asked if I would consider moving to Melbourne to be with him.

So of course I said yes…again.

He even sold his BELOVED FORD to fund the trip.

He even flew back here to get us.

He is my bestie.  🙂

Which brings us to another story.

My introduction to Smelbourne…oops I mean Melboune…another time.

And guess what.



~ by shelly1971 on April 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “MY STUPID COURTSHIP- part 2”

  1. dude, we were just talking about this last night.. me, the beloved and matty.. i had to roll my eyes at JMM ‘being gay’….. but with sav ??

  2. nope. he really doesnt come off much better in that instalment either lol

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