15 MINUTES AT THE MUSEUM…and other stuff

So I was walking across a carpark the other day when I spotted a “Toorak tractor” with it’s window down and I thought to myself ‘ what moron goes into the shops and leaves their car window down?’

And then I saw a little hand come up over from the back seat…and I realised that some MORON had gone into the shops and left their small child ( it was a wee little hand] in the car on its own.

I have to say I was shocked, because well, I find this ridiculously STUPID and NEGLECTFUL.

What if some tweaked out junkie came past and decided he needed to steal a car to get to his dealer?.

Or what if some piece of shit scum of the earth Pedophile ambered past.

Easy pickings…

Stupid idiot four wheel drive owner WHAT IF SOMEBODY TOOK YOUR CHILD….do you have a BRAIN in your head…

I can assure you I’ve made my fair share of mistakes at this parenting gig-a-mi-jig, but I can say I have NEVER left my kids in the car. Not for any reason. Not even at the servo, when my car has literally been 6 metres from me paying at the register.

You never know what may happen.

Today could be the day that destroys the rest of your life. People, dont leave your kids in cars. End of rant number one.

Number two would be the parents that dont keep an eye on their kids at the shops. I have a cousin like this. She is forever losing her 3 year old inside Target or where ever. She’s not bothered by it and the child now thinks its a game.

Thing is, not so long ago a 5 year old girl was molestered in the toy isle of the very same Target my cousin frequents. The 5 year olds Mother was in the next isle. The child was left alone for not long at all. CCTV recorded it all.

At this same shopping centre,some time ago now, My neighbours were watching a show with their kids in the centre court.

Suddenly they notice a man busily snapping photos of kids on his phone camera.

My friends Husband went up to him, let him know he is a cop,took his phone from him and deleted all the photos. He then called security.

He asked the snap happy arsehole why was he taking photos of kids.

The man told him “because they are pretty”.

Hold your kids hands in the shops people, or at least keep one eye on them. I cant tell you how many toddlers I’ve seen,in busy shopping centres, left to  dawdel behind their parents.

Do they not realise how easy it is to take a child? This ends rant number two.

Yesterday we went to the Museum.  🙂

I have been BUSTING to go to the Museum for ages.

Things were fine at first. We went to the kids area and bubs was having a ball pulling open draw upon draw of fossils and crickets and spiders and anything else small and dead  enough to be shoved into a draw.

But i’ts always “come onnn lets look at something else” over and over again and you haven’t even had time to bloody look at the thing your supposed to be looking at.

So we go into the main area of the Museum. Where the Dinosaurs are.

We are looking at this awesome replica of a Tyrannosaurus that stands two storeys high and all of a sudden we hear ” boom…boom…BOOM…”

Like a huge MOFO Tyrannosaurus is coming towards us and then comes the growl.


And I look over at Bubs and he’s standing dead still with his mouth open.

And he looks a bit pale and his eyes are HUGE…

And he says, clear as a bell in the tiniest voice you’ve ever heard..

“Ok, we have to leave now”  😉

He  FREAKED THE HELL OUT and I, of coarse thought it was hilarious and cracked up laughing, which pissed him right off and then it was steadily downhill from there.

And we were ordered home by the 3 year old tyrant that rules our lives.

Yeah….the Museum was a fucking AWESOME idea!!! I’m sooooo glad I thought of it!!!! Yeah fuckit. Wont be doing that again in a hurry.

On the way home, just before JMM nearly fell asleep while he was driving[The guy is fucking NARCOLEPTIC..no shit.] he declared we would go to Hungry Jacks and get lunch.

So for the next 15 minutes all we heard was” I want nuggets and a burger”

Over and over again.The only thing that changed was the volume it was being yelled at. JMM didn’t give a fuck cos he was all but ASLEEP anyway!!

Now I want to cave my own head in,run away fucking IMPLODE upon myself MAN I NEED A HOLIDAY SOOOO BAD.

Nearly EIGHTEEN years of doing the same job.

I have done it will a migraine. I’ve done it with gastrso. I’ve done it through 4 years of working nightshift.I’ve done it seven days a week 365 days of the year without even one RDO.

My boss doesn’t pay me, or tell me what an amazing job I’m doing.

I’ve never even been fucking PROMOTED!!!!

I want to go on a holiday….FUCKIT!!!!

And JMM wants another “critter”

Dude,I’m 38 years old……when am I going to have some fun???????

I know all of this sounds sooo selfish. There are so many people that would love to have what I have.

And I dont give a fuck cos I can feel sorry for my sorry arse if I want  truly am grateful for all of it.

I just want a little peace. Just a snippit.

A non- inturupted adult conversation, a night at the movies, a shower without anyone else entering the bathroom.[ locked doors dont work,they just get picked.]

Yep, I’m a Mum and I’m only human. Most days they all drive me fucking mental.

But I still wouldn’t leave them locked in the car  🙂


~ by shelly1971 on April 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “15 MINUTES AT THE MUSEUM…and other stuff”

  1. just hog tie them, gag them and throw them in a trolley. that’s what trolleys are really for I swear! And ignore those people giving you funny looks as you tour the shops with your hogtied child in the trolley. They snigger once you are past. Honest they do.

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