A meme invite…for me?…Shit…I hope I dont fuck it up.

I have been asked to participate in a meme..by the lovely Anja, no less.
I just know I’m gonna fuck it up with all this linky linky shit and stuff..but I’ll try my best and my apologies to all if I stuff it. The rules are this…

1. Name 5 songs or pieces of music you would take with you to a desert island, for an indefinate/ extended stay.

2. Name one book you would take.

3. Name one luxury item that you simply couldn’t live without. Asume you have been dumped on a really crapola island with little resources.

Once you’ve done that tag at least 3 other people, and link back here so I can read your answers…ok…my list..

The five songs/music I would take..

1. PIXIES- Monkey gone to heaven- I love the pixies and love this song.

2.LUCIANO PAVAROTTI- Nessun Dorma- No explanation needed.

3.PLACEBO- Where is my mind- A great Pixies cover by a great band. Win/win.

4.T.S.O.-  Xmas eve Sarajevo[ carol of the bells]- I have to see these guys live before I die..they would be AWESOME.

5.PINK FLOYD- Mother- I love Pink Floyd, though they were a terrible influence on me in my youth…much fun was had by all..


The books a hard one. I have a hell of alot of books. I think I would take..

An A to Z of almost everything..A compendium of general knowledge…

And for my luxury item I chose a kingsize doona…then JMM realised what I was doing and started ..what about meeee take meeee Im a luxury item!!!

But Im taking the fucking doona.

Thats it. Done..I really hope I did it right. I know whats gonna happen.. Im gonna publish it and its gonna be fucked and Im gonna skitz out…oh yeah  I gotta choo choo choose people…

Mistress B


Im really sorry I only have two people…cos well….I only have two people.

God I hope this worked. If it has Im gonna turn into a linking fool…oh yerrr…linkity link link all over the place.


~ by shelly1971 on March 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “A meme invite…for me?…Shit…I hope I dont fuck it up.”

  1. Of course! There had to be some Floyd! You did well.

  2. oooo I shall have to give this a go……….. when I get over being a lazy dooche 😉

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