READ THIS SHIT COS IT’S FUNNY..and cos I told you to read it.

I was at the dvd shop today, perusing dvds when I eyespied a poster mount which is just about the funniest thing I’ve oggled for ages.

I purchased it for my study…and feel compelled to share it with y’all.

Cos well, sometimes political correctness shits me. I mean why the fuck cant Santa say Ho Ho Ho anymore? I dont think the hookers mind…do you?.

So anyway..I have typed out the entire script of my poster mount.

I think we all need a good laugh at ourselves and everyone else…here goes.

Every body knows..~ SHIT HAPPENS~

TAOISM-” if you understand shit, it isn’t shit”

HINDUISM-“this shit happened before”

CONFUCIANISM-” confucious say ” shit happens”

BUDDHISM-” shit will happen to you again”

ZEN-” what is the sound of shit happening”

ISLAM-” if shit happens,it is the will of Allah”

SIKHISM-“leave our shit alone”

JEHOVAS WITTNESS-” knock knock,shit happens”

ATHIESM-” i dont believe this shit”

AGNOSTICISM-” can you prove that shit happens”

CATHOLICISM-” if shit happens,you deserve it”

PRODESTANTISM-” shit happens,amen to that”

JUDAISM-“why does shit always happen to us”

ORTHADOX JUDAISM-” so shit happens,already”

TELEVANGELISM-” send money or shit will happen to you”

RASTAFARIANISM-” lets smoke this shit”

HARE KRISHNA-” shit happens,rama rama”

NATION OF ISLAM-” dont take no shit”

NEW AGE-” visualise shit happening”

SHINTOISM-” you inherit the shit of your ancestors”

HEDONISM-” i live it when shit happens”

SATANISM-” sneppa tihs”

CAPITALISM-” this is MY shit”

FEMINISM-” men are shit”

EXISTENTIALISM-” what is shit anyway?”

SCIENTOLOGY-” if shit happens,see Dianetics p.137″

MORMONISM-” excrement happens { dont say shit}”

BAPTISM-” we’ll wash that shit right off you”

MYSTICISM-” this is really weird shit”

VOODOO-” shit doesn’t just happen, we made it happen”

DISNEYISM-” bad shit doesn’t happen here”

WICCA-” you can make shit happen, but shit will happen to you 3 times”

COMMUNISM-” lets share the shit”

MARXISM-” you have nothing to lose but your shit”

CONSPIRACY THEORISM-” they shit on us”

PSYCHO-ANALYSIS-” tell me about your shit”

DARWINISM-” survival of the shittiest”

AMISH-” modern shit is useless”

SUICIDAL-” i’ve had enough of this shit”

OPTIMISM-” shit wont happen to me”

TREKISM-” to boldly shit where no-one has shit before”

SHAKESPEAREANISM-“to shit or not to shit,that is the question”

DESCARTES-” i shit, therefore I am”

LAWYERS-” for enough money,i can get you out of this shit”

ACUPUNCTURIST-” hold still or this shit will hurt”

DOG-” i just shit in your shoe”

CAT-” dogs are shit”

MOUSE-” shit! a cat!”

POLITICALLY CORRECT-” internally processed, nutritionally drained biological output happens”

EINSTIEN-” shit is relative”

FAMILY GATHERING-” relatives are shit”

MATERIALISM-” whoever dies with the most shit,wins”

VEGETARIANISM-” if it happens to shit, dont eat it”

FATALISM-” oh shit! it’s going to happen”

ENVIRONMENTALISM-” shit is biodegradable”

AMERICANISM-” who gives a shit”

STATISTICIAN-” shit is 87.7% likely to happen”

HIPHOP-” motherfucker this shiznit, biatch”

TANTRISM-” fuck this shit”

CYNICISM-” we are full of shit”

SURREALISM-” fish happens”

Hope you all enjoyed it…I thought it was funny as. 🙂


~ by shelly1971 on March 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “READ THIS SHIT COS IT’S FUNNY..and cos I told you to read it.”

  1. I have that poster. It always makes me giggle.

  2. RIVER-if shit doesn’t happen, eat more fibre

  3. that is funny, thanks for the laugh.


    tony-i dig your shit.

  4. thanx!

  5. I love that poster!

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