THUNDER AND LIGHTENING very very frightening

We had awesome thunder and lightening action last night. You know…the kind of thunder that jolts you from your sleep,arms and legs flailing cos it’s scared you from your slumber and it feels like the rooms vibrating? And awesome forked lightening. The room looked like we’d installed our very own strobe light. JMM and I crawled out of bed, opened our blinds and stood at the window to watch…and I said,   ‘ shit! poor bubs [cos thats what we call him, as in bubalicious,not fruitloop] will be scared as! …and we go check on him…

So off we his door and holy shit!, where is he… and for a minute in my groggy state I start thinking all kinds of terrible senario’s and then JMM pulls  the doona back from the bottom of his bed and the poor things huddled there…all scared, so we scoop him up and take him back to our room with us.

We three sit at the window for a while and watch the storm.Bubs sitting in his dads lap, giving us a running commentary of events.

Oh! look at that liveneeing! and all that water going down the road the cars will skid all over and wash down the drain! and I can hear that loud thunder! you hear that? It’s really loud and AWESOME it’s really great and it’s not scary…and on and on he goes until we say…

Lets go to bed, you can sleep with mummy and daddy, and even though he’s hogged the whole bed and I’m hanging out the side and he has his head squashed into my face,I dont care cos his arms that are still so so  tiny are wrapped around my shoulder and this is what it’s all about, and I wish he would never get any older than he is right this minute.

The thunder gets quieter and the lightening further apart and we say “The storms passing” And bubs says ‘ Good I can go back to my own bed now!’

So he does..

One day, maybe, he’ll have a family of his own and a time will come when there’s a storm, and he’ll sit at his window with his child and maybe he’ll say ‘ My mummy and daddy would watch the storms with me when I was a little boy just like you”.

And it  makes me hope that I’m getting this job at least a little right…


~ by shelly1971 on March 1, 2009.

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