FAMILY…imagine if you could buy them from Target and if they sucked you could take them back for a refund

My Mother wont babysit my Fruitloop. I have no idea why. The kid’s freaking adorable. Apart from being incredibly intelligent [ he counts to 20, knows his abc, all colours, animals, knows what ‘precipitation’ means and does his fathers taxes] he has also been blessed with his mothers sense of humour.

I’m not the kind of mother thats always trying to palm her kid off. I accept that he’s mine…but there are certain occasions a babysitter is required.I shall give you an example of her grandmotherly selfishness.

The last 5 times I have asked her to watch Fruitloop, my loser stepdad has rung me the very morning of said babysit to inform me she cant do it cos she’s sick. On 2 of these occasions I was scheduled for a hearing test.

In 3 years and 4 months JMM and I have been to the movies twice, dinner 3 times and a wedding.[ ceremony only] Yep. We’re party central.

A while ago we purchased tickets to see  a favourite comedian of ours.I asked mummy dearest if she would babysit. I gave her 2 months notice. She said yes. I reminded her every fortnight. She still said yes. I rang her the morning we were to go and what a fucking suprise!!! Yep…she was to sick to do it. Fuckyou very much mum.

A few weeks ago,I rang her. There was alot of noise in the background. I asked her if she had visiters. Oh no…she says,I’m looking after Lisas 4 kids!…W.T.F????…I shall leave you all with a tale of stupidness you wont believe…

My mother [sue] has a twin [chrissy]. Lisa is Chrissys daughter.

Sue and Chrissie are driving to the hospital to see a friend. Chrissie says to Sue..’I’ll just ring Lisa so she doesn’t worry where I am’

Chrissie dials her phone.

Sues phone rings..’ Hello’

Chrissie..’ Hello ”


Sue…’Who is this?’

Chrissie…” It’s Chrissie..who is this?’

Sue…’ It’s Sue…who is this?’…

Ohhh yerrr…you get the drift.And that’s a true story.

Thank god I take after my father.


~ by shelly1971 on February 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “FAMILY…imagine if you could buy them from Target and if they sucked you could take them back for a refund”

  1. Your mother is a pain in the ass.

  2. ha my mum lives with us ,she does baby sit if I need to run to the bank or something ,but cant remember last time i had a night out lol .
    move here I will babysit fr you lol no probs your fruitloop and my co co pop and nutrigrain will get along great ,there all male no probs lol
    pen xoxoxo

  3. dude!!! isn’t 7 kids enough for ya! your a glutton for punishment!

  4. my mum will babysit offspring#1 but not offspring#2. offspring#1 has ADHD.offspring#2 is an absolute angel with no mental instability. my mum is mentally unstable. hence the reason the paternal grandparents do the babysitting.

    fruitloop can do my taxes anytime. heaven knows i’m not going to.
    and i can vouch for his cleverness. he knows the difference between a half and crescent moon. give him a big squishy cuddle from the beloved & myself xxx

  5. awwe shucks..i miss you guys..our mums should get together

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