Watch out..hard hitting news ahead

Nine MSN is the home page on our PC. Today as their ‘vote’ question they had this..’ DO THE OSCARS STILL MATTER TO YOU?’ Yeah sure dude…right up there with world peace,genocide,famine and stuff that actually matters… What a dick question.

Yesterday JMM posted a link to my blog on his facebook,which was sweet and all but I made him delete it. Cos I have facebook issues.

I mainly use it as a photo album cos we have friends all over the place. Facebook makes me paranoid. I dont chat on facebook. I go online and its like ‘oh cool 3 friends online and oh fuck where did they all go they must have seen I’m online and they hate me’..Oh yerr..I got issues. Also cos it drops out all the time so I really cant be fucked.

And whats up with all the sending of the fish and horses and bloody bogan tv units and hugs and crap? Ok ok..I admit I have been guilty of sending a few..but enough already. Thing is I accept everything I’m sent cos I dont want to offend anyone.

I also hate talking on the phone. I have nothing of interest to say. I am to fucking busy blogging checking my facebook and eating funsize snickers cleaning,baking and edumacating the Fruitloop to yack on the phone all day. As Fruitloop says..’I’m gettin busy’.

Today I was rather bored so I hogtied him and drew an awesome goatie and moustache on him. I took photos but on account of me being a technolojik fucktard and all I’m not sure if  i’ll be able to share. I am,however in the process of  kidnapping an dork  IT dude so stay tuned for all kinds of woot woot magik.

Tomorrow is..AWESOME TUESDAY.. Why is Tuesday so awesome? Cos Fruitloop goes to daycare and mummy goes down to the pub for some drinkin and pole dancin shopping without the strange appendage thats usually hanging off her leg…Oh yerrr…I loves me some shopping. I must add, still the best thing about awesome tuesday is picking Fruitloop up…cos he always comes running into my arms. And there aint nothing better than that. [ Ok maybe a killer pair of shoes..]


~ by shelly1971 on February 23, 2009.

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