cos they drank 2 bottles of Vodka last night..Ohhh yer. I lost count how many times JMM has crapped on about ‘ how amazing vodka is and I cant believe I never drank it before’ and shit..

Now,dont get me wrong y ‘all,I could get my drink on with the best of em once upon a time,but have lost momentum for it on account of having to chase the Fruitloop around all day.

Anyway, I find it really annoying to be around JMM when he’s pissed, but thats just cos I’m sober. I’ll give him credit. He doesn’t drink much anyhoo. Well [thesucker] poor thing is paying for it today.

 He’s barely moved from the bedroom. The thing that shits me the most is he is now totally useless to me…and I have shit to do mofo..

Then I’ve got stonerboy nagging me for $10 when he was paid $300 on friday and I’m all like your not getting any money out of me and he’s all like but all my money’s in the bank and I’m all like what the fuck did you spend $300 on in 2 days and then I’m like oh stupid me!!!  I forgot your a fucking STONER..der…[ lucky JMM put the rest of his pay in the bank].

Today Fruitloop was doing his usual thing…standing in front of the T.V with his finger up his nose…muttering to himself about ‘ finding the perfect boogie’ !!!  Man…3 is just the best age. Dont grow up Fruitloop.


~ by shelly1971 on February 22, 2009.


  1. 2 bottles of the giggling juice. Damn, that’s gotta hurt.

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